Solar is profitable in more ways than one

If you have or are planning to install a photovoltaic system, you can now get a better price for the electricity produced. If you have charging points supplied with solar electricity their value improves and you can increase your revenue. If you are both solar electricity producer and owner of charging points it is a real win-win situation.

Solelia handles guarantees of origin for the production of solar electricity and ensures that owners of charging points can use 100% solar power for charging. 

There are significant economic benefits to a well thought out strategy before installing new charging points. Solelia will support you to create the right conditions for charging in a smart and sustainable way. This maximises the possible number of charging points and guarantees optimal future revenues.

If there is local production of solar electricity on the same property as charging sites, the proportion of own use of solar energy can increase significantly. The costs of purchased electricity and investment in charging points and solar plant are reduced.

Beyond this, the clear environmental profile increases the value of both property and charging points, which will be reflected in fees and rents.