Data and statistics

Here you will find information about all facilities such as type, localisation and performance. The connection between solar power plants and charging points is displayed. Data of consumption and production of solar power are compiled in tables and graphs.

Monitoring overview

Figure 1 – The map above shows all the charging points and photovoltaic installations that are connected to the Solar Bank. Details of as name, type of facility, coordinates and installed power are displayed in a pop-up window when you scroll over the site.

If you have an account on the Solar Bank you can log in and get all information about your plants.

Figure 2 – In a registration application, you can add and change information about your facilities. A standardised XML message will be created that can be used for building management systems and various BIM applications.

All information about the guarantees of origin concerning on issuing, transferring and cancellation are handled in this part. Files with the additional information can be enclosed

Figure 3 – Measurement data and statistics is displayed for each connected solar plant and charging point. Summaries of data can be reported as basis for billing and payment