Sales Manager for Solelia in Germany


We are searching a Sales Manager for the German subsidiary of Solelia.  On a preliminary basis we have specified this position to be located in the Berlin area. However, we are very flexible in this respect and can also envision that the subsidiary is started in another region of Germany.


We are looking for a person who will take overall responsibility for building a subsidiary of Solelia Greentech AB in Germany. Accordingly your main tasks will be to

  • Execute an entry plan for Solelia in Germany. A very experienced advisor has already been engaged to assist in developing a first class entry strategy
  • Adapt Solelia's products to the German market environment
  • Sell these products to German companies
  • Manage delivery and installation of the products at the premises of German customers
  • Continuously work with business development of the German operations
  • Develop and grow an organisation for Solelia in Germany


In terms of your capabilities we believe that the most valuable skill you may have is some form of  entrepreneurial experience, e.g. participation in another start up venture. In addition specific experience from solar electricity, electrical cars and/or the property service business will be useful. With respect to functional experiences we think that sales/marketing and business development may be helpful. In terms of academic background our expectations are very flexible but we do believe it will be an advantage if you have a masters degree or comparable in science, in particular from the electricity area. Finally we do believe that you are a team player.

Experience is as always a most valuable asset but in this case entrepreneurship and energy will be just as important.

Apply no later than December 9th. Selections will be made on a continuous basis.


Solelia is a Swedish development company, which was founded some 5 years ago ( It has specialized in developing and operating solar electricity solutions with a focus on such applications where solar electricity will create maximum value added beyond the use of other types of electricity. To date it has primarily concentrated its activities on systems for charging electric vehicles with solar electricity. Key customer groups are property and parking companies, companies with many employees and municipalities. Solar charging of electric vehicles is suitable and attractive for a number of reasons: 1) it is obviously very environmental friendly, 2) it may in many situations be more cost-effective in comparison with charging with electricity from the grid, 3) the charging of electric vehicles is mostly not time critical and finally 4) local electricity generation will reduce investment needs in the electricity grid.


The market for electric vehicles have for many years been prognosticated to grow strongly in the future. Given the recent investments in new electric vehicle models by the automobile industry, a real break-through can now be expected in the near future.


Until now Solelia has only operated in Sweden. Due to the restructuring of the German electricity system as well as to the high usage of fossil fuels for German electricity generation, electricity prices are significantly higher in Germany than in Sweden. The cost attractiveness for solar charging solutions is correspondingly more interesting in Germany. Additionally the environmental image impact is considered to play a larger role in the German market environment. Based on this development Solelia has decided to make a special effort to promote expansion of its activities beyond Sweden with a focus on Germany.


Solelia is currently running a large international demonstration project ”Solarcharge2020”, which is partly financed by Horizon2020, the large EU project aiming at putting Europe at the forefront of technological innovation (see more at




If you are interested in this position, please send your application and profile description to:

For further information regarding the job please contact Per Wickman at or +46-70-7491464 (Managing Director) or Hans Lundgren at or +46-70-5395232 (responsible for business development)